Thursday, November 24, 2011

Looking for Work Ladies?

Opportunity may be knocking on your door from the direction of Monte Carlo. It seems HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco is in need of a lady-in-waiting. According to Italian Journalist Agency the Princess is looking for someone to fill this top spot. According to the report, “The lady companion must be discrete, courteous and always ready to help the princess both while traveling and with her guests”. I suppose being fluent in English and French would probably be helpful as well. So, if you are a lady, if you don’t mind to wait and fit those qualifications, Princess Charlene just might have a job for you as her official shadow. Wages were not mentioned but there will definitely be comfortable living accommodations and frequent opportunities for travel included. According to a French newspaper Princess Charlene is currently being assisted by, believe it or not, the former lady-in-waiting to the late Princess Grace, Virginia Gallico, a preeminent member of the palace staff and one of the godmothers of HRH Princess Alexandra of Hanover (hence her fourth middle name being Virginia). Virginia Gallico, widow of the author Paul Gallico (author of “The Poseidon Adventure” among others), was one of the few Americans to join the palace staff and was one of the closest friends and assistants to Princess Grace. Certainly the woman has earned a comfortable retirement by this time. Anyway, put your name in the hat ladies, if you like. We hope the Princess soon finds someone suitable and please God, whoever the woman turns out to be, let her be someone trustworthy.

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