Saturday, November 19, 2011

National Day 2011

As usual the day's festivities got started with a special mass of thanksgiving with the Princely Family all in attendance (Casiraghi trio and the de Massy clan included).

After that, it was time to decorate the troops and salute the march-past of the guards.

The Casiraghi trio don their most serious expressions for the military spectacle

Here you can just see Melanie on the far left, Princess Caroline, Baroness Elisabeth, Princess Charlene and Princely cousin Christopher Le Vine (nephew of Princess Grace)

Then of course it was time to greet the public from the balcony. At one point the guards band struck up the Toto song "Africa", evidently a hit as Charlotte was boppin' with the beat and Princess Caroline started to sing along with the chorus ... "I bless the rains down in Africa...."

Never fear, Princess Stephanie is here!

And of course, the stars were the Prince and Princess. Albert seemed to have to explain some of the cheers and chanting to Charlene but, on any occasion, get the Prince surrounded by his adoring people and he goes into full "Albie" mode, winking, pointing, waving and blowing kisses. Vive le Prince!

And finally a formal night out at the opera to close the day. Prince Albert, Princess Charlene and Princess Caroline attended (as usual) as did Andrea and Pierre Casiraghi (not so usual) and all posed for photographs with these two adorable albino children (kidding of course!). There was also a spectacular light show at the Princely Palace, all marking Albert II's six years on the throne as Sovereign Prince of Monaco. May HSH have many, many more.

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