Monday, July 4, 2011

The Official Wedding Photo

 The Princely Palace released the official wedding photo which also features their (reigning) royal guests.

I also had to add this photo of HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco and her little family. Yesterday's hot 80's pop icon is today's proud Mediterranean mother. How time flies.


  1. Love, love, love the picture of Princess Stéphanie and her children! They do their mother proud... Curious about the positioning in the formal portrait, though. Why are the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg (that is Henri and Maria Theresa, isn't it?) next to Mrs. Wittstock, not Princess Caroline?

  2. I don't know, looking it over I cannot see any rhyme or reason for who is standing where. It could be totally random for all I know, it doesn't look as though 'rank' were taken into account at all.

  3. As beautiful as the photo is and how grand and proud the Grimaldis might feel -- I honestly think that this is the event where the Princely Palace was able to host the biggest gathering of European Royals in its history -- it is such a waste!

    The focus of the photo is more about the beauty of the Gallery of Hercules and the staircase, but the royals are so far that it is difficult to see their faces. I would have preferred a more traditional photo where you can see the faces of the subjects and feel the interaction. What do you think, MadMonarchist?

  4. I like it fine, the way it was done you can at least see everyone, with no one having to peek out over a shoulder or something. The size of the picture makes all the differences as far as the facial expressions etc go and the original is *very* large.

  5. Can't help but notice the marble addition to the base of the staircase. It served as a stage or altar during the wedding. Do you think this is a permanent change to the royal residence?

  6. I loved seeing how Camille Gottlieb and her cousin Alexandra of Hanover interacted during the festivities! They were giggling, gossiping, normal girly stuff.

    What does Stephanie's girls have that Charlotte Casiraghi doesn't? The long Kelly legs. Charlotte's horsebacking have made her legs bony, and she is not blessed with the long limbs that her mother and aunt fortunately inherited from their mother. Not to take anything away from Charlotte's general loveliness, just an observation :-)

    Pauline also has perfect posture. There was a pic where Charlotte and Pauline were walking past the couple after their reading. Charlotte was stooped while Pauline was perfectly poised.

  7. They have had a more "normal" private life. Stephanie decided long ago she was going to keep them out of the media glare to the best of her ability and she's done a pretty good job though it is going to get alot harder -unless of course new heirs are produced to take attention away ;-)

    And yes, Charlotte's slumping posture has long been remarked upon.


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