Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Drama Continues

I have tried not to give undue attention to the ugly rumors floating around about the new Princely couple, mostly because none of those who have produced them have presented any evidence to back them up and because, true or not, it seems without doubt to have been aimed at disrupting the joy and happiness of the families involved and the Monegasque people as a whole to splash it all across the headlines one day before the wedding. Just to re-cap, Charlene was rumored to have tried to "flee" Monaco at the last minute upon finding out some terrible secret, which was quickly assumed to be another illegitimate child of the Prince. Wild stories spread quickly, one child, two children, one already here and another on the way, an Italian mother, Nicole Coste a mother yet again and so on and so forth. The whole thing is beneath contempt, again, true or not and nothing has been proven. The Palace announced some days ago that the Sovereign Prince would undergo a paternity test and those inclined to think well of him assume this is to simply put a stop to the rumors while those inclined to think less of him have taken this as a sort of admission.

As we have covered here, Princess Charlene's father denied the rumors (as he was the one who was alleged to have sent her an "escape" ticket) and Princess Charlene herself denied the rumors. Of course, as I think was planned all along, once this began making the rounds the story became more and more fantastic with each re-telling as speculation was added to speculation. The latest comes from the British media, and we know how serious and professional they can be (-he wrote as Rupert Murdoch's media empire in Britain is crumbling due to revelations of criminal activity-) which is that the marriage was no more than a show. According to this story line, Princess Charlene made an agreement ahead of time to marry Prince Albert II simply to give him a legitimate heir and once that duty is done they will part company. Frankly, I've heard similar theories all along amongst those who meddle in gossip and speculation as some sort of hobby. The fact that no verifiable facts have been produced and that all those involved have denied all the rumors from the start does not matter to these sorts of people.

Until now the one person involved who has not spoken on the subject has been the Sovereign Prince himself but that changed just recently when Prince Albert said that all the lurid stories, 'are completely fabricated ... It's just to try to destabilise our marriage, it’s very unfair. The rumours are completely unfounded, that’s why it’s easy for me to talk about them.’ Given time, as with all things, this too shall pass, but it is a shame that anyone would be so base as to try to ruin such a special occasion for so many people, an occasion many have waited decades for, simply to hurt a few individuals and make an easy buck. The truth will eventually come out as it always does but the rumormongers will go on as well and those inclined to always believe the worst will never be satisfied, no matter what the results of any future paternity tests are. It is my position to give the benefit of the doubt until some real facts are produced. The Prince and the Princess have both now denied the rumors and until something concrete is established, that is good enough for me. As a son of the English common law system, I believe in "innocent until proven guilty" and no matter what happens, I cannot see the opinions I have held about anyone changing.


  1. I knew that I could count on you to only comment if the rumors turned out to be true. The USA press has also compared Charlene's smile to Kate's, as she is in the US right now, and have said that Charlene is not happy and is a prisoner of Albert's. Gee, it couldn't be that she might be a bit tired? She was out of the country for the Special Olympics right before the wedding.

    All this being said and I hope the rumors do die out--last year I said it was bad luck to change your wedding date and I was right.


  2. I had a post on it when it first came out, making clear that these were rumors and that no one has produced anything that could be verified, but I purposely ignored everything about it during the wedding. I was not going to let it spoil the occasion for me.

    Changing the date -who knows? As good a culprit as the infamous "Grimaldi Curse" that's been making the rounds yet again. I think a certain someone set out to spread the rumors and ruin the wedding no matter when it was to happen.


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