Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Stephanie!

It was on this day in 1965 that Her Serene Highness Princess Stephanie of Monaco was born. She was born in the same room as her older brother and sister and the pregnancy was the least difficult for Princess Grace, a veteran pro at motherhood by that time. When the artillery at Fort Antoine announced her arrival with a 21-gun salute a status-minded little 7-year-old Prince Albert pointed out that, "I got a hundred and one!" From an early age she was the most affectionate of the three children ... and the most trouble, acting out to compete for attention with her brother and sister who were quite older than her. In all the years since she has never lost her attitude of youth nor has she lost her warm-hearted compassion which has always been a part of her. She has endured a great deal in her life but she has always looked forward, never back, never felt sorry for herself and tried to learn from her experiences, good and bad. She is adored in Monaco and so I'm sure I am among the entire Monegasque population and her many fans abroad in wishing Her Serene Highness a very happy birthday with many, many more to come. Happy Birthday!
And, for the Princess I've always had a soft spot for, a little musical tribute:


  1. Many more years of peace, contentment, and success to your charities, Princess Stephanie!


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