Friday, February 4, 2011

Monaco Motivation


  1. LOVE THIS !!! Monaco was never the same once this woman set foot on it.

    Isn't this one of the rooms Charlene Wittstock posed in in her spread on Tatler? What is this room? Is it a formal, state room or perhaps a private apartment? Despite its obvious grandeur, it does have a more intimate aura.

    Charlene, this is how one poses in a palace.

  2. Didn't Charlene also mention in the Tatler article that she wants to "make big changes" and modernise the interiors?! Girl, don't you dare! This is a palace, not some condo you can spruce up in pastels and wicker.

  3. Like many formal portraits that was done in the Great Hall of Guards. I don't recall seeing a picture of Charlene there.

    I wouldn't get too worked up about redesigning the palace, that is something very common and has been done by almost every princess that has actually lived there. Princess Grace did considerable reworking on it, Albert II has done some himself and no doubt Charlene will change some things also. However, rest assured that the Great Hall of Guards nor any other of the historic halls will be touched. Those changes are almost exclusively restricted to the private living quarters which very few outsiders have ever seen in the first place.

  4. Yeah, Charlene posed in the "Salle des Gardes" where she was reading something on a couch, and behind her is this enormous portrait of Albert I. I think that is the same room given the same blue hue but Grace's photo features the tapestry with the Grimaldi logo in the background instead.

    MadMonarchist, have you toured the palace? Is this room part of the tour?

  5. I've went back and looked and you are right. As for the palace, you can check back on posts about the palace where I think I've addressed that subject as much as I can.


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