Sunday, February 6, 2011

Charlene Giving Back

When word first came that Charlene would be the next Princess of Monaco there was talk about what charitable causes she would champion. This, of course, is something not required but widely expected and, given her background, it was assumed that for Charlene the former Olympian something in the area of sports could be expected. It turns out that such predictions were pretty much spot-on. Next Saturday Charlene will be visiting South Africa to swim the Midmar Mile to benefit charity and make a few other appearances. The proceeds will go to benefit the South African Special Olympics. Many disabled swimmers will themselves also be participating in the event. Charlene said she was very excited to be returning to South Africa, looking forward to seeing friends and so on but also warned that she is not exactly in Olympic-quality shape anymore. It has been reported that Charlene has already raised some 60,000 euros for the Special Olympics. She first started considering swimming the Midmar Mile when she happened to meet the director of the event in Monaco. It seems a very good way for Charlene to do what she does best and to benefit a very worthy charity.


  1. An appropriate cause for Charlene, a former Olympian. And since Prince Albert is a sportsman himself, they can definitely add more sports events in Monaco (which already has world-class events) and head charities involving and integrating sports and the disabled.

  2. nice pic of charlene and the palace. she looks princess-like here, but too molded in the grace kelly fashion. may she find her own voice and look. this charity is a good start.

  3. I hope this is not an inappropriate question, but since the post touches on Charlene's possible charities ...

    Madmonarchist, do you think that the Princess Grace Foundation should remain with Caroline as President? Or should Charlene, being the successor of Princess Grace, head the foundation? I understand that Charlene is way too inexperienced to helm this significant foundation and that Caroline has been very successful and devoted in making her mother's foundation grow, but in terms of the appropriateness of roles, who would be the rightful President?


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