Friday, March 18, 2011

Wedding Website Online

The Princely Palace now has on-line the official wedding website for the upcoming marriage of Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock (hurray hurray). It does not have quite as much info as some others out these days but was put together mostly for the benefit of the press to aid them in getting everything in order to cover the event on the big day. It also has the new official monogram for Albert and Charlene, which I at least had never seen before. According to the website, the details on the big day are:

"The civil wedding will take place on Friday 1 July at 5pm in the Throne Room in the Palace of Monaco. It will be celebrated by Philippe Narmino, Director of the Judicial Services and President of the Council of State.

Philippe Narmino is the Ruling Family's Registrar.

The religious ceremony will take place on Saturday 2 July at 5pm in the Main Courtyard of the Palace of Monaco, where Mass will be celebrated by Archbishop Bernard Barsi.

The gates to the Palace will remain open to enable some 4,000 guests to be seated for the ceremony, which will be broadcast on giant screens.

On this occasion, Friday 1 July and Saturday 2 July, will be holidays."
The website is available in French and English so have a look at Mariage Princier Monaco 2011.

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