Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Prince Albert Back in the States

On Saturday HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco visited Naples, Florida where the five time princely Olympian had the honor to open the "Art of The Olympians" museum for which he was the guest of honor. This was not an exceptionally large event, but as an Olympian, an IOC member and the little distinction of being a sovereign monarch and son of an American film icon, Prince Albert was pleased to attend and open the new museum. Most of the assembled guests consisted of local government officials, politicians, the society and sports crowd and a number of past Olympians. It all got underway with breakfast at a private club in Port Royal, Florida, attended by about a hundred people, to whom the Prince addressed a speech.

“This event has very special meaning to me,” His Serene Highness. “It exemplifies the Olympic values, which offer lessons in fair play, patience, respect and dedication. These are traits learned through experiences, especially through creative pursuits.” Which are all things he certainly knows something about. Albert also spoke about how school programs, art exhibitions and so on all reflect the pursuit of excellence embodied in the Olympic games. He also congratulated the organizers of the event and those who established the new museum.

“Everyone is most proud of your achievement. It’s amazing what Olympians can do when they put their hearts to the task.”

One of those on hand was artist Ellen West who was “thrilled” to be a part of the special day. “I think it was marvellous,” she said of attending the breakfast. “I am so thrilled I got to meet a little piece of Grace Kelly. It brings back memories of those days.” Which goes to show once again that, for many people, despite being a Sovereign Prince, reigning monarch of one of the most successful countries of the world and head of the oldest reigning family in Europe, for many Prince Albert will always be most famous simply as the son of Princess Grace.

Later in the day Prince Albert attended a special art fund raiser called "Painting with Prince" in which he got into the spirit of the occasion, putting on shorts and a t-shirt to throw a discus at a painting -giving that extra touch. It was a tux Saturday night of course for the formal opening of the museum and the reception that followed.

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