Thursday, March 24, 2011

Funeral for Princess Antoinette

The Casiraghis and de Massy clan

Stephanie, Caroline, Albert and Charlene

Preparing to remove the Princess to the chapel of Peace

Melanie Antoinette de Massy paid a touching tribute to her grandmother, remarking on her courage in facing illness, her love of people, zest for life and attachment to the Catholic Church. "Deo Juvante" (With God's Help) the Grimaldi motto was mentioned numerous times.
Watch now on Monaco TV


  1. Am I the only one thinking that we're witnessing a new Monaco?

    Even the younger generation was perfect in their countenance and demure.

    Sad to have a sad event bring this on, but as I watched the respect, honor and emtion put in this homage to Princess Antoinette I couldn't afford but notice those tiny details that make a big difference. Today, from Heaven, Prince Rainier must be a very happy Man...

    Thank you for sharing, Mad :)

  2. Can you identify the grand children of princess Antoinette (first picture) ?
    Thank you

  3. Do you know if it is possible to visit the Chapel of Peace, in Monaco ?
    I think it is on Avenue des pins. Would you know the exact address ?

    Thank you


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