Monday, May 17, 2010

Historic Birthday

It was on this day in 1758 that HSH Prince Honore IV of Monaco was born. He was the eldest son of Prince Honore III of Monaco and his wife Princess Marie-Catherine de Brignole-Sale. He had a rather tragic life among the princes of Monaco. He inherited his throne when there was no throne to inherit as Revolutionary France had taken over Monaco and exiled the Grimaldis. He suffered from chronic depression, which was not helped by his controversial wife Princess Marie-Felicite. His health was further ruined serving in Napoleon's forces. He saw his principality restored but was too ill to actually rule. He abdicated in 1815, four years before his death.


  1. I like the look of him, he creates the impression of someone thoughtful and distinguished. He does seem rather sad, though.

  2. His problems always made him stand out a little more to me. I wonder what it make have been like if he'd actually been able to rule Monaco, which he never really was. The country was occupied when Honore III died and by the time independence was restored he was too far gone and Prince Joseph ran things and then Honore V. One of the most fascinating things about him (probably should have put it in the post) is the mystery over his death. No one knows how it happened, his body was found in the Seine and some have speculated that he had an epileptic fit while walking along the river, fell in and drowned, while others, citing his history of depression, speculate that the may have killed himself. We will probably never know.


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