Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Throne of Monaco

The throne room, in the past known as the Grimaldi room, of the Princely Palace is surely the most important of all for all of the historic, official and most significant ceremonies held there. A large Renaissance chimney faces the throne (it would be behind where the photographer was standing to take the above picture). Portraits of past Monegasque sovereigns usually decorate the room, such as those of Prince Albert I and Prince Louis II seen above. This is the room where allegiance is pledged in the Principality of Monaco. State and commune dignitaries are sworn in before the Sovereign Prince in the throne room and it is here that the Sovereign Prince receives foreign consuls and the political, religious and military leaders of Monaco during the National Day celebrations. HSH Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly had their civil wedding performed in the throne room and it is here that Monegasque leaders come to pledge their loyalty to the Sovereign Prince when a new monarch ascends the throne. The Empire style throne is decorated with the Monegasque crown and the Grimaldi coat-of-arms is displayed behind while overhead is a canopy of crimson Viennese velvet. The throne of Monaco is the lasting symbol of authority in the principality and of the centuries old rule of the House of Grimaldi over the Mediterranean nation.


  1. As far as European throne rooms go, it's very Monegasque: small but stylish.


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