Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Princely Family in 2009

All in all 2009 was a relatively uneventful year for the Princely Family of Monaco, with much more being rumored than actually happening. Over the past year we heard Prince Albert talk about global warming, Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie joining forces for the cause of charity and the Casiraghi trio worked on official duties, social activities, relationships and their tans. Prince Albert talked about global warming while Prince Ernst August V was hauled back to court over allegedly hitting a hotel owner in Africa. Prince Albert talked about global warming and took flak from Catholics for allowing exceptions to Monaco's anti-abortion laws. Charlotte Casiraghi gave everyone a scare when she was involved in a car accident in Italy which brought back sad memories of the death of her grandmother, but thankfully the young lovely escaped with only minor injuries to her hand and wrist. Prince Albert talked about global warming and rumors of a possible breakup between Andrea and longtime girlfriend Tatiana Santo Domingo surfaced after he was seen cozying up to another girl but their relationship endured. Pierre Casiraghi was caught with his pants down by a long-distance cameraman, proving again the tastelessness of the paparazzi.

Prince Albert talked about global warming and avoided marrying girlfriend Charlene Wittstock. Princess Stephanie expanded her AIDS charity, Charlotte Casiraghi went back to jumping competitions and gave her first TV interview and Princess Alexandra made her debut at the Monaco garden party. Prince Albert talked about global warming and his mother Princess Grace who was honored by TCM in honor of the 80th anniversary of the birth of the late Princess consort. A visit to Ireland was scrapped but Albert II did make it to America to speak to the UN about global warming, go to Hollywood to accept an award on behalf of his late mother and to accept an award of his own for talking about global warming. Andrea laughed off a little embarrassment when he put the wrong fuel in his car and had to get out and push it off the road. Charlotte got into the eco-clothing fashion magazine business and Prince Albert talked about global warming and was sued by a former employee hired as an intelligence agent.

Perhaps most troubling was the split of the Prince and Princess of Hanover, Caroline moving back to Monaco with their daughter and being conveniently out of the country when Prince Ernst had his day in court. Rumors of an impending divorce began to swirl though the Palace denied that there were any such plans. Prince Albert also went to Copenhagen to talk about global warming. And that, was a brief overview of the events of the Princely Family of Monaco in 2009.

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