Sunday, December 20, 2009

Princely Letter Up for Auction

A letter is going up for auction by HSH Prince Honore II, the Lord of Monaco from 1604 to 1612 and Prince of Monaco after that time. The letter is addressed to the Marquis Genois Marcello Raimondi telling of the upcoming marriage of Honore's son Hercules to Donna Aurelia, daughter of Luca Spinola; a family which produced several doges of the Republic of Genoa. Prince Hercules died in an accident in 1651 making his son heir to the throne who succeeded his grandfather in 1662 and Prince Louis I of Monaco. Thanks to Harold in the land of Oz for emailing this bit of news concerning Monaco's Princely past.


  1. Do we know where and when this will be sold - such an interesting find!

  2. It is today, so likely has sold already. Pierre Bergé & Associés were handling it.

  3. Thanks for the info, I did indeed miss it but still enjoyed seeing it.

    Thanks as well for all the splendid information, I share many of the same interests related to Monaco and find the blog one of the best sources of information around.


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