Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monaco and Mexico

Today, 16 September, is the national holiday of Mexico and although not often considered there are several connections between Mexico and Monaco. Hereditary Prince Albert (later Sovereign Prince Albert I) served in the Spanish Royal Navy during the Anglo-Spanish-French intervention in Mexico in 1862 which paved the way for the foundation of the Second Mexican Empire. Mexican blood was introduced to the Grimaldi family via Prince Pierre, Duke of Valentinois, the father of HSH Prince Rainier III. Prince Pierre, born Count Pierre Marie Xavier Raphael Antoine Melchior de Polignac, was of French and Mexican descent. His mother, Suzanne Marie de la Torre y Mier was a Mexican, born there in 1858. As seen above, his grandson Prince Albert II (before taking the throne) had a cameo role in the Mexican-American War film "One Man's Hero" wherein he played an Irish volunteer of the famous San Patricio Battalion, even using the last name Kelly in homage to the heritage of his Irish-American mother.

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  1. So interesting! There are many connections between Mexican and European families that no one knows about. So many descendants of European nobility and royalty living in Mexico.


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