Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is the Wettin-Grimaldi Match Over?

The royal rumor mills are getting crowded with stories that the Prince and Princess of Hanover (aka Ernst August V of Hanover and Caroline of Monaco) are on the road to the big "d" (and that's not Dallas, TX). Several magazines and tabloids have already published predictions that the royal marriage is over. Princess Caroline did testify for her husband in his legal trouble with the hotel owner but she has not been seen together with her prince since June and that she and the children have left the family chateau. Princess Caroline has been spending more time in Monaco as of late and considering the romantic record of the Grimaldis another divorce would probably not be earth-shattering news to most people (though we hope each time they will find domestic happiness). The Royal Representative calls to mind the old legend about Lord Rainier I raping a woman who turned out to be a witch and put a curse on the Grimaldi clan that they would never find happiness in love; though this would be good story to come up with to explain things after the fact. The marriage between Caroline and Ernst took some by surprise and may not have been entirely planned as it was a "shotgun marriage" to use the old term, Caroline already being pregnant with Princess Alexandra. I would hope that everything works out and that the rumor mills are wrong again but the stories are getting harder to dismiss. It is, however, nice to see the Hereditary Princess spending more time in Monaco. We will be watching.

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