Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Princely Couple at Papal Inauguration

The Princely couple at prayer. These are the best photos

Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene give polite praise as Pope Francis passes

The Princely couple were seated next to another Albert II, the King and Queen of the Belgians. Queen Paola couldn't resist snapping a photo on her smart phone as the Pontiff went by.

Pope Francis greets the applause of the congregation

HSH Princess Charlene taking communion. King Albert II seems very interested but Queen Paola seems a little bored.


  1. Do you know why the Princess of Monaco does not have the privilège du blanc ("privilege of the white") like the Queens of Belgium and Spain and the Grand-Duchesses of Luxembourg?

    1. As far as I know she does. The only requirement, as far as I know, is that one is the consort of a Catholic sovereign which Princess Charlene certainly is. It is not required of course and she may have just preferred to wear black. She did wear the white when she met Pope Benedict XVI.

    2. I find very odd to have such a great privilege and do not use it!

      I would like to say something about Queen Paola. In the last picture you wrote "Queen Paola seems a little bored". I disagree. I think that she just received the Communion, so she was praying (and in effect she was on her knees).

    3. Maybe it was a mistake the first time, I can't say for sure, only that Catholic consorts usually do. As for the Queen, maybe so, but I've never seen anyone pray leaning their head on their fist.

  2. She should use her privilege. She earned it and she is entitled to wear one along to wearing a diadem on her head before the Pontiff.


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