Sunday, March 4, 2012

Charlotte Goes Gucci

Our Charlie has been in the news and gossip mags alot lately, mostly because of tongue-wagging over her latest boyfriend (though it seems odd calling a 40+ father a "boy" friend) but get ready to see still more of her; which is hardly a hardship for the eyes. The Casiraghi cutie is set to replace Evan Rachel Wood as the new "face" of Gucci, the brand Charlotte favored for her riding wear in the Global Champions tour last year. Is this the start of a new career as a model for our Charlie? Hardly. She's always been a model, now she's just going to be getting paid for it. I would think this to be an absolute coup for Gucci. Could anyone ask for a better "face" than that of our beloved Charlie? I think not. It does though make me feel a little bit of sympathy for all the other young ladies who might have been hoping for the position. It's pretty hard to compete against someone whose mother is Princess Caroline and grandmother was Princess Grace. Mad scientists in a laboratory couldn't have created a greater genetic masterpiece as far as looks go if they tried to.


  1. I thought you might enjoy this video of Charlotte shooting for Gucci: Forever now.

  2. And people wonder why I am a Monarchist.

    Don't you just love royalty?


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