Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Watch Out Slugger!

We all remember the days when Pierre Casiraghi was (and I really hope I'm not offending anyone by saying this) viewed as the cute little geek of the Casiraghi clan? With his slight frame and adorable little glasses he seemed the opposite of his older brother Andrea, long-time heartthrob for teenage girls who from day one looked like some kid from the JC Penny catalogue. But then our little Pierre grew up. Puberty happened (as it tends to) and Pierre got ripped, lost his glasses and soon it was he who had all the girls swooning. Well, recently we've been reminded yet again of how times have changed as Pierre seems to have taken a page from the playbook of his (nominal) step-father and been involved in a public brawl. I don't mean to make light of this at all, he is all right but was roughed up badly enough to be rushed to the hospital to have some facial wounds taken care of.

Evidently it all went down at the Double Seven nightclub in Manhattan where Pierre had some sort of confrontation with former nightclub owner Adam Hock. Who knows what it was about but words were exchanged, harsher words were exchanged and then someone took a poke at someone else and the 'almost royal' rumble was on. Pierre is alright but, as stated, had to be taken to the hospital to get patched up (I hope he gave as good as he got, surely he did some hand-to-hand combat training in the French army) and hopefully he will emerge from this unfortunate incident a little wiser with some (hopefully not permanent) scars to impress the girls with.

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