Saturday, February 4, 2012

Checking In on Government

This last Thursday, TSH Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco stopped by to check in on the government. Of course, in Monaco, like everything other than their style, the government is quite small. The National Council which deals with legislation for the principality would be viewed by much of the world as a government for a mid-sized city but they get the job done well enough. The Sovereign Prince addressed his legislators in a special speech and Council President Jean-Fran├žois Robillon also said a few words. This was a special occasion as the Sovereign Prince only rarely visits the National  Council as he has little reason to. With so small a government it is not difficult keeping him well-informed, his presence is not required for the day-to-day business and the Prince gets a far better return on his time by acting as the ambassador-at-large for his little country. Once business in the chamber was concluded the Prince and Princess signed the (Golden) guestbook and then were treated to cocktails at a special reception held in their honor where they were able to talk to the Council members and civil officials one-on-one. It is truly remarkable (and I wish more would take the lesson) that Monaco requires only a relative handfull of politicians and one Sovereign Prince to operate one of the most efficient, well-governed and prosperous countries in the world. Personally, I think more countries could benefit from following their example.

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