Friday, October 14, 2011

Don't Mess with Prince Albert!

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco is world famous for being a nice guy, but it is just plain rude to insult a man in his own home and the Monegasque don't take kindly to rudeness and when it comes to Monaco, a Prince's Principality is his castle. Around midnight on Tuesday a very intoxicated Frenchman came into a Monaco bar demanding a drink. The establishment would not serve the man as he was clearly drunk. At that point the man became insulting and a bit hostile so the police were called (and it never takes them long to arrive in Monaco) at which time the man began insulting the police and in general behaving badly. Had he stopped there he might have gotten off with a night in the Monte Carlo 'drunk tank' but he proceeded to insult Prince Albert. As with a number of monarchies AND republics, such behavior is against the law. So, the man was taken into custody and charged with insulting the Sovereign Prince. Once he had sobered up the man said he had no memory of the event and that he was actually quite fond of the Prince of Monaco. But, the man should have considered the consequences before over-indulging in adult beverages. He is currently serving six days in jail for his tirade against the Sovereign Prince. Time, perhaps, to reflect on his poor choices. The man should be grateful that the police got to him before some very patriotic Monegasque citizens did otherwise he might be serving his time in the Princess Grace Hospital instead of the local jail.

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