Friday, July 16, 2010

Grimaldis Gather for Gala

HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco welcomed her brother Prince Albert II and future sister-in-law Charlene Wittstock to the annual gala dinner for her foundation Fight AIDS Monaco today at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club. The annual event is held to raise money for the most prominent charity of Princess Stephanie who has devoted much of her life to combating the spread of AIDS and comforting those afflicted with the disease. Recently she has been making frequent radio broadcasts related to the foundation and opened a retreat house in France for those suffering from AIDS. She has stressed the need for respect for all human life as well as using "safe sex" methods. This puts the princess somewhat at odds with the Catholic Church, which is not only Stephanie's church but the official state church of Monaco, which maintains that abstinence before marriage and fidelity after marriage is the only "safe sex". Princess Stephanie, for those who look past the headlines, has long been known for being a very warm-hearted person and a very popular member of the Grimaldi family with the native Monegasque population and her concern for AIDS victims demonstrates this. The Princess herself attributed her attitude to the influence of her parents. As Princess Stephanie said, "Mom was generous and open to others, and this is how we have behaved. Dad did nothing but repeat to me: ‘The fact that you are born in this palace does not make you any better or more important’."


  1. Good for Princess Stephanie. She seemed a be a bit of a wild child, but now seems to have settled into her role. She doesn't look too happy in the picture though.


  2. Her actions did cause some strife in the family but it was never intentional and she's always had a very big heart. The picture was probably snapped at the wrong instant, I'm sure she wasn't unhappy, though such glittering events have never been where Steph is most comfortable and she usually avoids them. This, however, is her cause, one near and dear to her heart and I know she would not miss it for the world.

  3. To me, the look on Princess Stephanie's face says "Enough photo ops already. REALLY.", while Charlene just looks happy to be there.


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