Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Caroline: Belle of the Ball

In the aftermath of the Rose Ball it is Princess Caroline who has been given the most attention over the event and not, this year at least, exclusively because of her role in the planning and design of the event. Rather, it is in light of all of her private hardships in recent days that seems to have made most of the public all the more impressed by her style, glamour and cheerful attitude. In spite of all she has been through, Princess Caroline was her usual, radiant self at the Rose Ball. Many have said, because of this, that she has put her marital problems behind her; she is over it, it is behind her and she is not allowing the recent problems to get her down. In short, the Princess displayed the same strength and grace and ability to rise to the occasion that she has exhibited ever since the tragic loss of Princess Grace when she was suddenly thrust into the role of leading lady in the Principality of Monaco. Of course, I am sure all of the problems are not behind her, the "situation" with Prince Ernst is not resolved and we still do not know how that will turn out. However, Caroline has displayed why so many people (yours truly included) had such confidence from the begining in her ability to cope. However, that being said, it is important in such cases not to exaggerate the seeming strength of such people. It can, at times, be easy to 'expect' such strong people to be able to handle anything and they thus might not get the support and sympathy they need as much as anyone in times of trial. After all, as the song says 'everybody hurts'. It is, still, pleasing to see that Princess Caroline is able to carry on, through good times and bad, with the ability to match herself to every occasion as she always has. God bless you Princess.


  1. Brava for a brilliant post! Way to spread the Caroline love! :D I too think it can be easy to overestimate the emotional and mental strength of a person but whatever is going on inside for Caroline, she certainly doesn't show it. An amazing, amazing role model for us all I think. I truly believe it's the lows and how you face them that make you who you are and judging by this, Caroline is one incredible human being.

  2. She is, and over the years has shown herself to be made of very tough stuff (I tend to think she got that part of her character from Rainier) but I just hope people don't take that strength for granted.


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