Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jeanne Grimaldi

Jeanne Grimaldi was the sister of HSH Prince Honore II of Monaco. Born in 1596, one of three children, to Lord Hercules I of Monaco and Maria Landi. Her brother Honore was born the following year but their lives were soon disrupted in a violent way by the assassination of Lord Hercules on November 23, 1604. It was only the latest tragedy for the Grimaldi family as their mother, Lady Maria Landi of Valdetare, had died giving birth to her third child, a daughter. Now, the palace was under attack and all their lives were threatened. Jeanne and Honore were hid by the family servants when the attack came and later the children were taken into the care of their uncle Federico Prince of Valdetare. After securing his position as regent Valdetare escorted Jeanne and Honore into exile in Milan where they would be safe until the situation in Monaco could be stabilized.

Jeanne had a good life during his formative years in Milan and was given the best education available and proved herself a very adept student. Her studies peaked her interest in the arts and literature. On October 10, 1615 she was married to Theodore Trivulce, who had held Genoa for the King of France and who later commanded the cavalry of King Philippe III of Spain. Sadly, Jeanne died in childbirth in 1620 after which her despondent husband entered the Church and later became a cardinal in 1629.

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