Saturday, June 14, 2014

Double the Fun?

Okay, so the word on the street is that the Princely couple may be expecting twins. Is it true? I would like to think so, but I'm biased as twins have tended to run in my family. This rumor came to light from a media figure in South Africa who says he is a friend of Princess Charlene's father who told him the news and he passed it on via Twitter. Yeah. No word from the Palace to confirm this and I would hold off getting too excited until that happens. If and when that confirmation happens, however, I will be properly thrilled. Having twin Grimaldis running around Monaco might just break the adorable meter. So, here's hoping it is true but, again, no point getting too excited until someone in authority says it is so.


  1. How would succession work with twins? I assume the first one born would inherit the crown?

    1. That depends on their gender. If there are twins and if they are a boy and a girl then the boy would inherit no matter if was first or second out of the gate.


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