Friday, August 9, 2013

Charlotte Causing a Stir, Andrea Setting a Date

Not a few people (including yours truly) were less than thrilled when Charlotte Casiraghi started getting serious with the Jewish-Moroccan-French actor/comedian Gad Elmaleh, 15 years older than her and already the father of a 12-year old son, but it seems things have only gone further and recently Charlotte has been causing the rumor-mill to go into overdrive. Recent photos of Charlotte have shown what many see as the beginnings of a 'baby bump' and (as seen above) Princess Caroline's youngest was recently spotted shopping for baby clothes. Are they for big brother Andrea's offspring -or one of her own? Charlotte recently celebrated her 27th birthday and has been keeping company with Gad for about eighteen months now. Rumors are thick that the two are already engaged but, if so, there has been no official announcement of it as yet. Still, many are running with the story that Charlotte is expecting a baby and that the two will be married before the year is out. Time will tell if these people are correct.

Meanwhile, August 31 has been named as the date for the wedding of Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo. According to the Princely Palace it will be a small, private ceremony. Not long ago the couple welcomed their first child, a boy, to the world; Sacha, Princess Caroline's first grandchild. Will another be far behind?

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