Friday, June 14, 2013

Swedish Royal Wedding

HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco represented the Principality and the House of Grimaldi at the wedding last Saturday of HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden and New York banker Chris O'Neill. Here the Princess arrives alongside TRH the Earl and Countess of Wessex.

Princess Charlene chats with TRH Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. They do have an odd "almost" connection. Both princesses are from former parts of the British Empire and married into European royalty and both met their husbands through the Olympic games (though in very different ways).  


  1. I find it so strange: why HSH Princess Charlene did not wear any tiara (her wonderful Ocean tiara), jewels and royal order? I think it is a little disrespectful toward the hosts, TRH the Swedish King and the Queen, the lack of jewels (I mean, just a pair of earring would have been enough if she does not like jewels), considering that this is a royal wedding and not a common one. Concerning the lack of a royal order, she was representing her country the Principality of Monaco, so she should have had the Monaco order.
    Which is your opinion?

    1. Usually, at such events, you wear the order(s) of the host country. In the photos you will notice the British and Danish royals wearing Swedish medals. Princess Charlene has been awarded none of these but, as you say, she certainly could have worn her Order of St Charles if she had wanted to but this might have been taken by some as impolite, drawing attention to her lack of an order from Sweden.

      Short answer, it doesn't bother me. What does bother me is the lack (still) of a formal portrait of the Princess and the Princely couple with Princess Charlene wearing her tiara, her St Charles ribbon and so on. It baffles me that it hasn't been done yet.

  2. thank you for reminding me of the oddness of the lack of a formal portrait of the princess in full regalia. very odd. and they've been married almost 2 years now.

    i, too, find it very odd that she is not wearing any jewelry. yes, tiaras are optional, but still considered expected if you have them. and as cecilia said, at the very least how about some earrings?! even minor royals (or plebs like myself! :) ) can find earrings for a wedding, and she's the wife of a reigning prince.

    i was looking at some other recent events (thanks to your excellent site!), and noticed she's pretty much stopped wearing jewelry (including earrings) for any events, even evening galas!


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