Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Legal Victory for the Prince

TSH Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco have won a legal victory in the court case against the Sunday Times, News International, over a false and slanderous article printed in July of 2011 just two days after the princely wedding. The Sunday Times has had to deliver a formal apology in court and pay three hundred thousand pounds in damages as well as covering the cost of the Prince's legal team. This was part of a slew of such articles, full of malicious gossip rather than facts, that came out around the time of the princely wedding in a despicable effort to ruin that happy occasion. They included a range of accusations, each more ridiculous than the last and each one conveniently lacking any sort of verifiable evidence. The court found than none of the allegations were true (no surprise there) and Prince Albert has another lawsuit against the Sunday Times over stories printed about his marriage, in particular against the editor, John Witherow, and the author of the article in question which is being heard in France where the paper is distributed. Hopefully, a few more rulings like this will make newspaper editors change their ways and, oh, I don't know, maybe verify their facts before printing wild rumors dreamed up by some nut with an ax to grind and too much free time? Let's hope so.

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  1. I fear you misunderstood my previous comment. I was not referring to the Princely Couple but to the media when I described them as "dense." My apologies for being unclear.


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