Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Prince and the President

In their first formal meeting, French President Francois Hollande welcomed HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco to the Elysee Palace for a 'working lunch' to discuss matters of common interest and boost Franco-Monegasque relations. As I'm sure all regular readers know, the Principality of Monaco has a "special relationship" with the French Republic in that, while remaining a sovereign state, the principality is a protectorate of France and France has traditionally had considerable influence in the micro-monarchy on their southern coast.

"And how about this global warming huh?"

"Well, thanks for the lunch Monsieur, we'll have to have you over to the palace someday"

"Goodbye Frenchie friends, I love ya!"

"See you later guys, I won't be far away"

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  1. Is there another person called Caroline in Monaco - who is younger than Princess Caroline, who looks like the lady on the succession page? I think it was a lady like this who met me in the Royal Academy of Music London in 1984/5.

    I was very ill from gluten and dairy food intolerance and the dr's would not tell me what was wrong - I cut them out in 1996 and became a lot better but I was disabled too. My eyes became much better.

    I am very sorry that I never wrote, I did not have an address - my parents told me that I am related on both sides of my family? I probably should have told you about my health condition before.

    Thank you for your time.


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