Sunday, November 18, 2012

Honor for Princess Charlene

A proud day of continued tradition in the Principality of Monaco as HSH Prince Albert II has appointed his worthy consort, HSH Princess Charlene, a Dame Grand Cross of the Order of St Charles, the highest order of knighthood in the gift of the House of Grimaldi. The presentation was made in the ice lounge of the Princely Palace. The Order of St Charles was established on March 15, 1858 by HSH Prince Charles III as the preeminent chivalric order of Monaco, given for service to the state and/or the Sovereign Prince. So far, the appointments made by Prince Albert II (of the Grand Cross grade) have been to foreign heads of state. I hope now we will soon have a formal portrait of Princess Charlene in all her ribbons and medals. In any event, congratulations to Her Serene Highness on joining the ranks of the Order of Saint-Charles.


  1. the presentation was made in the hall of mirrors, not "the ice house".

    I hope we get a more formal portrait now too. Well see. The Grimaldis are known for not playing by the rules...haha.

  2. That seems especially appropriate given the name of the Princess.

    She looks very elegant in that picture, as if she has really come into her own.

  3. Charlene looks exquisite there, I know they all had a great time.

    I am glad her Serene Highness is now a member of the Order of St. Charles.


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