Monday, October 15, 2012

Holding on to History

It was recently 'Heritage Day' in the sunny Principality of Monaco and in honor of that occasion, for a rare treat, the library of the Princely Palace was open to the public (I would have loved to have been there for that). HSH Prince Albert II was at the openning and met with one Ms. Carpine, an historian who specializes in the history of the Princes of Monaco (dare I hope for an English-language publishing?), which covers quite a long stretch of time. HSH Princess Charlene was not to be seen but she was perhaps busy getting packed and making travel plans as afterwards the Princely couple left for an official 2-day visit to the Baltic state of Lithuania.

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  1. Prince Albert and Prince Charlene at this years Princess Grace Awards in NYC were accompanied by Prince A1bert's daughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi. In fact the three posed for a picture together. Jazmin is close to both Albert and Charlene and he is very protective of her a friend told HELLO Magazine. It is said that she stays in regular contact and that she has vacationed with in Monaco. The article also says that Jazmin looked natural on her father's arm when he tool her for a turn on the dance floor. This is very good news.


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