Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Prince Albert Crushes It With the Clintons

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco was one of many high-profile attendees at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, a huge group of world elites who get together every year in their unending quest to help you out (your check is probably in the mail as we speak). The "Initiative" was formed by former U.S. President Bill Clinton in an effort to give back and to get his name in the history books for something other than being convicted of perjury and being only the second president in American history to actually be impeached (but not removed from office!), but of course I kid good ol' President Bubba. I really miss the old horny toad these days (as Dolly Parton called him) when America is stuck in such a rut. I remember the years when Clinton was in the White House and Newt Gingrich was running Congress and two serial adulterers put aside their political differences and compromised to get things done for the country. Boy, those were the days. Anyway, as the (outdated) picture above shows, President Clinton has been on friendly terms with the Grimaldis for a long time and Prince Albert II has been a long-time supporter of the Clinton Global Initiative. Among the very long list of global big-shots on hand for the gathering this year were HM King Juan Carlos I of Spain, HM Queen Rania of Jordan, HRH Prince Turki Al Faisal Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, former British PM Tony Blair, former President of Mexico Felipe Calderon, former PM of Canada Jean Chretien, actor Michael Douglas, actress Geena Davis, NASCAR guy Jeff Gordon, singer/actress Babs, a former IRA terrorist, the President of Liberia, former President of Ireland, and a horde of global ambassadors for this, that and the other as well as the leaders of numerous big banks, companies and charitable foundations. Former Governor and Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney also stopped in to address the assembled dignitaries. Between this gathering and the General Assembly of the United Nations, I'm sure that great strides will be made in things like "dialogue", "diversity" and "sustainable development" in the year ahead. I can't wait!

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