Monday, May 28, 2012

Casiraghi Craziness

The media has been having a great deal of fun at the expense of at least two of the members of the Casiraghi trio. The stories about Charlotte have, at least, been rather more kind. French celebrity experts have been saying recently that the Casiraghi cutie has been trying to distance herself somewhat from her role as the "face" of the Gucci brand. Whether this is true or not (or how one could even tell) I don't know but that's the story. The reason for this, reportedly, is that Charlotte does not wish to be seen as a model or rather as the stereotypical sort of model. In other words, she's more than just another pretty face; which of course is absolutely true. She is an extremely intelligent, educated and cosmopolitan young lady. However, I would be a little bit skeptical about this (just a little bit) because it seems to play on a rather tired stereotype of the supermodel (and if Charlotte is to be considered a model, she would most definitely be "super") which, as we all know, is that they are all beauty and no brains. I'm certainly no expert on the fashion or modeling world but I am familiar with a few supermodels and they very intelligent and accomplished women, business savy, multilingual and involved in a number of commendable social causes. What is even harder for me to believe is the alleged reason for Charlotte taking the job with Gucci in the first place; that it was basically a quick and easy way to make some major cash. I certainly know, as the reports state, that equestrian competitions are a very expensive hobby. However, it is hard for me to imagine someone with the finances of a Casiraghi doing something they would rather not do just because they need the money. A Casiraghi "needing" money for anything strikes me as a bit far-fetched, but, of course, I could be wrong. These are hard times for alot of people.

More annoying though was a recent and very hostile story in the New York Post about Pierre Casiraghi and his ongoing legal fight with Adam Hock. According to the NYP the prosecutor involved was given a report from the Monegasque doctors who treated Pierre after he left the Big Apple saying that his facial injury required him to be placed on disability for a month. And, of course, the usual "poor little rich boy" juvenile jokes and insults quickly followed. Hock's lawyers have, of course, been 'front and center' for the media from the start of this whole affair and they have been quick to lampoon the report and claim that there is a dispute between the American and European doctors. According to the NYP article the New York doctors who treated Pierre at the hospital where he was taken immediately after the brawl said he suffered only a "superficial laceration" to his face whereas Pierre has said there was a "fracture" involved. What the Hock spin-meisters have not explained is why Pierre was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance in the first place if all he had was basically a scratch (which would also tend to make Hock look not-so-tough considering what he himself said he did in the fight). They also continue to claim that Pierre and his wealthy cohorts have a history of bad behavior at nightclubs around the world which, I will say again, if proven will greatly surprise me since I am inclined to believe we would have heard about it before now. But, I was tired of this story about the day after it happened and will just be glad when it's all over.

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  1. Of course Charlotte is more than just another pretty face, She is a Princess! That means she is well educated, responsibility driven, and has a strong sense of morality. Just like all well raised royalty should, she isn't some thin-skinned air headed Super Model (though I think Charlotte could be considered an "Uber-Model")

    The Gutter press needs to dragged through the gutter for all these false stories about Charlotte!


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