Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interview with Prince Albert and Charlene

The French newspaper Journal du Dimanche recently interviewed the Princely couple attending the Mere Nostrum International Swimming Competition in Monaco and of course the subject of the wedding came up:

How do you feel? There are only three weeks until your marriage?

Albert II: We cannot wait to get married, but we have so many things to do before. My work continues despite our upcoming marriage. I don’t feel any particular stress upon the approach to our marriage. We are very relaxed.

Charlene: I’m in the same state of mind that any woman feels upon her marriage. We’re committed to life, it is not something to take lightly. Some brides stress. Others, do not. I feel calm…

But you are not marrying just anyone, you will soon become a princess …

Charlene: Yes, but I won’t let that pressure take a hold of me.

What will be your role?

Charlene: My role will be defined once I am married. Although I have learned, during five years in Monaco, the proper palace protocol, the habits as well as the customs of the principality. Today, I feel ready.

Albert: I let Charlene find herself and find identity here in the principality. She was already very involved in humanitarian causes for the youth. Moreover, she already has an established role in the sports world. Recently, she was appointed the Ambassador for Special Olympics, a foundation dedicated athletes with disabilities worldwide.

You are both great athletes, are you talking about sport together?

Charlene: All the time! This is one of the many things we have in common. It is sports that has truly united us.

Miss Wittstock do you feel apart of Monaco?

Charlene: I’m starting to get to know people from the principality. Now, I truly feel that I have found my where I have bearings here. Much more than in the early years. Today, I feel apart of the family here in the principality.

You are from South Africa. Do you miss your native country?

Charlene: South Africa is a part of me and will always be. In my heart I’ll always be South African, although today, Monaco is my new country and home.

This marriage is a way for you to give another image of Monaco?

Albert: Although this is not its primary purpose, this marriage will help correct the image of Monaco, a country that has always suffered from stereotypes. To better know the identity of Monaco and its values, its economic, social, cultural, humanitarian, sports, environmental. The power of attraction of Monaco will be strengthened.

Your Serene Highness, you’re close to your sisters. What is the relationship between Caroline, Stephanie and your future wife, Charlene?

Albert: We’re really lucky. I not only get along very well with the Charlene’s family, but Charlene works perfectly with mine. In the end, it all came naturally. In my family we have a great team spirit. Charlene is apart of this team has all the support from my sisters.

Charlene: I’m very comfortable with the prince’s sisters, Princesses Caroline and Stephanie. We get along well and they are strong women, great mothers.

A happy event promises to be there?

Albert: Well when you say children and you look at me, I’m not the one carrying them.

Charlene: I love children. We definitely want children and we hope to have a children soon.

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