Friday, June 18, 2010

TV Festival Follow Up and News

As the Monte Carlo TV Festival was shutting down for this year HSH Prince Albert II was asked about his own viewing habits. The Sovereign Prince said he doesn't have much time for TV and mostly watches the news but is also a fan of "House MD", "CSI" and "24". Albie, the king of all nice guys, a fan of Dr House? Who would have guessed the boss and your humble blogger have something in common. He also said the events he will remember most watching on TV was the moon landing, the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, the fall of the Berlin Wall and 9-11. When asked when his own wedding would be seen on TV he gave no answer (they were expecting what?). Were I him I probably would have said something like, "Friday; didn't you hear?". The Sovereign Prince also confirmed that he will be attending the upcoming wedding of his friend HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. The heiress to the Swedish throne was present for the most important public ceremony in Albert's life; the pontifical mass marking his succession to the Monegasque throne.

In other news Prince Albert II has gone to Kenya where he met on Tuesday with President Mwai Kibaki who thanked His Serene Highness for supporting the Green Africa Foundation in Kitui and other groups supporting the environmental protection of Africa.

Also on hand for the recent TV festival was HSH Princess Stephanie who hosted a radio show during the event to talk about the primary cause in her life; her charity focused on caring for AIDS victims; Fight AIDS Monaco. She showed up for the event with her new puppy, too bad you can't see 'cute' over the radio.


  1. Are there any Monaco TV shows besides the news? I'm glad to hear that the Prince likes American TV shows.

  2. There's more than many might be aware. MC Cable, a branch of Monaco Telecom, is the one that comes to mind. Alot of the programs are foreign but they have alot of channels, news, entertainment, religious, movies etc. Tele Monte Carlo is the oldest private TV channel in Europe and there is alot of local radio, usually owned by the same people who own the TV outlets.


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