Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prince Albert Sued - Again

Look, someone's suing you!
HSH Prince Albert II is being sued in a case filed in a Santa Barbara, California court by a man claiming to be a former spy hired by the Sovereign Prince who, he claims, shorted him on his bill. He has also claimed to have a multitude of very scandalous "secrets" that will come out, everything from a sex tape and "shady oil deals" to a claim that the Prince hinted about the man seeing to it that his natural daughter Jazmin had an "accident" -obviously the most shocking and serious of the accusations. The Prince's lawyers have said that the charges are all absolutely false and that this is simply the effort of an imaginitive novelist to extort money from the Princely Family. Much of what has been alleged is so absurd as to be easily dismissed. However, there is so much content and detail that even the Prince's most ardent fans will likely be troubled by this, whether they admit it or not. What I find the most likely explanation is that Prince Albert, who has long been known for being such a "nice guy" has been duped by this man (if any of his story is true in the least) just as he has been duped by a number of women in the past. In the old days, taking a head of state to court would be a huge waste of time, however, with the many changes in modern Europe it is nothing to take likely. It is also why most heads of state employ only their own people as intelligence agents. Were this man (who I will not name) a Monegasque subject he would surely be hauled to jail for treason. We shall see what comes of it, but, in any event and with all due respect to His Serene Highness, the Sovereign Prince really, really needs to be more careful about who he surrounds himself with.

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