Friday, July 3, 2009

Premier Post: Mad for Monaco

For some time I have weighed the pro's and con's of setting up a Monaco-specific blog. I finally decided to do so only after becoming somewhat fed up with my previous sole Monaco forum which was being overrun with spammers. I hope that will be addressed but the lack of traffic (other than the spammers) had made me uneasy about the prospects of the site in question. I will keep my account there as long as it remains up but, with this blog, I have decided to give myself some other options. This may not be the most active blog in the world, my primary blog will still be The Mad Monarchist and I will post Monaco-related material there as I see fit. However, I wanted to put this blog up mostly to have a place to save my Monaco-related materials more than to carry on a running commentary on the Monegasque monarchy. What you can expect to find here is mostly general and historical information on the House of Grimaldi, the Principality of Monaco, past Monegasque princes and occasionally comments on the current Princely Family. That's the situation and thanks for reading. Adieu!


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